Instagram tips for companies


For some time Instagram is no longer an entertainment-only application with food photos and bloggers and fashion bloggers. Every day more companies register in the application to promote their products and their brands.

This is explained by the large number of users scattered around the world. Instagram has 400 million active users monthly. And, where there is an abundance of public, there are companies and ads effective and consequently there are conversion results.

Not only by the vast public, Instagram has other advantages, such as:

  • It's a simple application to sign up for

  • Has global reach

  • It is essentially for mobile - given data on the growth in the use of online smartphones, which go beyond the exclusive use of the desktop

  • There are some relatively simple rules to understand and apply to generate good results on Instagram. Most important of all is the differential and creativity to stand out visually.

Enter Instagram Mania

First of all, create great pictures. This is the specificity of the application. It is essential to do a good photo planning that shows how differentiated your product is so that it will gain prominence.

At Instagram it is possible to create and innovate by putting fun pictures of the products, images of the employees and of who is in the store or the company in the day to day. The app lets you create this kind of intimacy with users. This builds trust and empathy with your business by showing more or less what happens in the backstage of creations, links and daily emails.

It is important to stay focused on the visual. Show yourself authentic and differentiated through brand image content, posting different photos and showing your identity, thus using the semiotic advantages.

Follow to be followed

The results arrive, but for this you will want to have many followers. In Instagram this is how it works: you follow someone, who will be notified by the application, and if this person is interested in your branch, it will follow you as well. It's a simple rule of finding your customers so they find you (follow you too).

But, people on Instagram are not interested in constant serenades, so remember the fun and enjoy using the fun pictures.

Like other people's photos, focusing on their interests, it is also strategic to get attention and, thus, more followers. And best of all, it's already targeted to your target audience.

Do a search - hashtags help a lot in targeting, so I'll tell you more about them right away - from your brand subject influencers, people who are interested in your area, and follow other brands similar to yours. It also helps you a lot to find your audience on Instagram, even by looking at your competitor's audience.

Connect your Instagram and Facebook accounts!

Facebook paid ads allow sharing in conjunction with Instagram, or vice versa. Parts made for one ad have the option to be automatically shared on the other platform as well.

By combining the two accounts, the reach is much greater, the segmentation is more complete, and its return is much greater. This way you get the best from each of the apps using them to your advantage.

Also on the hashtags, not as strong as on Instagram, but are very present on Facebook, which helps you appear to the right people who may be searching for you.

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