The power of Instagram for business

How to expand your business online using the Instagram Platform

From the enormous popularity of Instagram Stories to the recent expansion of advertising opportunities, Instagram has become a powerful digital marketing tool for companies that want to communicate with current and potential customers.
Forrester Research considered Instagram the "King of Social Interaction", having an average interaction rate of 2.3% per follower, surpassing brands such as Facebook (0.2%) or Twitter (0.02%).
With high interaction rates and over 400 million active users monthly, gaining new followers has become a big priority for any business that uses social networking.

But how can your business get the most out of Instagram?

1st Set up a company account on Instagram

  • Go to your account and tap the "Profile" tab on the app's home screen.
    In "Profile", go to your account settings. Scroll until you see the "Switch to a professional profile" option. Selecting this option will display the "Business Instagram".

  • Click the "Sign in with Facebook" button to connect your social networks. On the next screen, confirm Facebook options by clicking "Ok".

  • Then select the Facebook page that you want to associate with your professional Instagram profile and click "Next."

  •  On the "Set up your professional profile" page, you can review your contact information and change what you need. When everything is according to what you want, click "Done".

Tips to optimize your professional profile:

  • Write a brief biography of your business and enter the website URL in the "Description" field.

  • The Instagram profile photo should be the company logo. Although the profile image is 110px in diameter, insert a larger image as it will appear larger on the web.

  • Follow people who have an interest in your company's products / services.

2º Set goals for your business

What do you hope to achieve with your professional Instagram account?
Set goals and objectives. For example:

  • Increase the sales;

  • Direct users to the website;

  • Increase brand awareness;

  • Increase customer satisfaction;

  • Attracting leads;

  • Build relationships with customers.

The objectives should correspond to the SMART acronym, insofar as they must be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely.

3º Create a content strategy

Having a practical and well-crafted strategy will help you achieve the goals and attract new followers relevant to your business.

Tips to keep in mind when designing your content strategy:

  • Define the frequency and timing of publications

  • Publications on the Instagram should be regular. However, you should not bombard followers with too many posts. The best way to find out what works for your business is to test posts at different intervals and times and analyze the results.

  • Topics to be addressed

  • By creating different content themes, you will retain the interest of your followers, helping you achieve more goals. For example, a university with the goal of raising awareness and attracting new students can integrate contests, alumni stories and university life into its content strategy.

  • Visual identity

  • Instagram is based on the visual, therefore, it must build a brand identity, cohesive and recognizable to the competition.

4th Use hashtags

By including relevant hashtags in your photo captions, your content will reach people who do not follow your brand, but who have interests related to your products or services.

Tips for using hashtags:

  • Use popular hashtags

  • Use applications like Tagboard to look for the most popular hashtags related to your product, service or industry.

  • Create a hashtag for your brand that will get your audience to interact more and want to participate.

  • Do not exaggerate! While using hashtags is an effective way to get new followers on Instagram, exaggerating can distract your audience and dilute the message.

5º Use interesting subtitles

Although Instagram is a highly visual platform, photo captions play a key role in getting new followers. Along with the hashtags, you should:

  • Ask questions that encourage followers to comment and interact.

  • Encourage followers to identify friends in comments.

  • Mark the location. If your business has a physical location, tag your photos with that location and encourage your customers to do the same.

The online consumer is more and more demanding, counting that the companies present speed, punctuality, efficiency and, mainly, entertainment. Thus, it is very important to maintain a "friendly" relationship with the public, constantly presenting relevant content.

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